Things I learned from you yesterday:

a) I am not the only one who listens to country and cries.

b) I may or may not have to see P.S. IΒ Love You. I should probably wait until after the wedding, though, since my emotions are already sky high.

Because, um, it’s OCTOBER. Like, the month I’m getting married. In 24 days. Three weeks and three days.


Got that?

I’m thinking you can help me tackle on thing on my list because you all rocked the house yesterday. We need a song for our recessional (the music that will play when we leave the church.)

Background: The music for the wedding party and my processional are not your typical church or classical songs. They are two covers of songs by a very popular band played by a string quartet. I’ll share them after the wedding, but my point is, they’re different. So I don’t want to recessional to be the usual bridal march or Trumpet Voluntary. While beautiful, it doesn’t really fit with the rest of our ceremony.

I’m not opposed to lyrics in the song, as long as they’re not like, smack my bitch up. That will be saved for the bridesmaid intros.



So…help me out. If I actually use one of them I’ll send you a handwritten thank you note because I’ll be so relieved to have a song and also, who doesn’t like getting snail mail?

On your mark, get set…suggest!