Have I told you lately that I love you? Because seriously, you people deliver. I think I’ve picked a winner too (omigod so hard) and as long as Michael agrees to it, somebody will be getting a very gushing thank you letter.

This weekend is my final dress fitting and there’s something very real about that. Three weeks from today is going to be the day before my wedding. I’m sure I’ll be running around like a mad woman, dropping things off at the venue, making sure everything is together and squeezing in a nail appointment with two of my bridesmaids before running off to the rehearsal. I hope I can take a minute to breathe and let it all sink in.

Last night, laptop on lap, I wrote my thank you speeches for the rehearsal dinner. Seven bridesmaids, seven relationships, seven stories. I didn’t cry — yet — but I think I will when I read them. The speeches for my parents were harder. I haven’t even written my mom’s yet because after writing my dad’s I was emotionally (and physically from all that pilates deep breathing) spent and knew that there was no way I could get through it. Tonight I will write hers. Tonight I will probably cry.

And then there’s the task of writing my vows. I always thought that this would be the easiest part of all. I mean, I express my feelings for Michael weekly right here on the blog.

However, the more I think about it, the harder it is to come up with just a few sentences that encompass everything I want to tell him. Everything I want to express. I mean, while this might work:

Hey, I love you.
You rock my socks.
Can’t wait to be your wife.
As long as you put your glasses in the dishwasher.
And vacuum up the dog hair.

It doesn’t really fit the bill, hmm?

There’s one thing I wrote about a while back on the blog that I think I want to say again in our vows. I won’t share it now, but if you’ve been reading for awhile you would probably recognize it. Along with a good majority of our wedding guests (hi, wedding guests! See you in three weeks!). I hope they forget they’ve already heard it!

Did this post have a purpose? I have no idea.