1. We picked the recessional and it was not what I originally thought it was going to be. And against my better judgement, I got upset that he wasn’t immediately on the same page with me and spent a few hours downloading every possible recessional song and hating every one.

And then I randomly played one as a joke and we both looked at each other and started dancing around. It was THE song. And I got so happy…

… I burst into tears.

2. Dear person in Chicago who thought it would be a good idea to use my blog email to open a match.com account,

You’re an idiot.

I appreciate you not making a profile, but even just signing up was dumb. When you use someone else’s email address, who do you think gets the emails confirming that you signed up, hmm? This girl right here, that’s who.

Your account is deleted.


3. Sarah Palin. Personally, I did not want to see you “talk to the American people.” I wanted to see you debate. I also wanted to smack that bemused smile off your face. Just saying. Personally, I think that no one was expecting much out of you after those holes you dug yourself into last week so just the fact that you keep talking was a victory for you.

Unless you actually listened to what you were saying.

4. Can an ion-shine hairdryer actually make your hair flat and lifeless? I think the answer is YES.