In the spring my mom accompanied me to a dress fitting and while there, we convinced her to try on some dresses in the hopes we would find the one she would wear to the wedding. We thought we found it — a beautiful teal Belsoie (by Jasmine Bridal) style #L9068 with a flattering wrap look around the middle.

Unfortunately, after months and months and months  of waiting for it to come in (Kim, I actually wouldn’t recommend the bridal shop after the experience she went through), the dress finally arrived. My mom put the dress on…and it just wasn’t her. While beautiful, the dress isn’t her style and the color we thought was going to be fantastic on her just wasn’t. As my mom puts it, it’s like trying to paint a whole room after seeing only one tiny paint sample.

Unfortunately, since it was a custom order, the shop wouldn’t take the dress back. So my mom is stuck with a brand new $200 gown that she’s never going to wear.

This is where you guys come in. Getting married? Know someone who is? Or maybe you know someone looking for a maid of honor dress? (The dress itself is actually a bridesmaid brand.) Maybe you’re going to a black tie event and need something special.

The dress is for sale, knocked down to $150 plus shipping. It’s a size 14 in weird bridal sizes, which translates into a size 8/10 in normal dresses.

(Side note: WHY do they do that? My wedding dress size is four sizes bigger than my real size. You would think in a dress that special they’d just give you the real size to make you happier!)

The dress is a beautiful iridescent teal and is brand new with the tags still on.

Close up

Full length

On model — so you can get the real affect.

I have more pictures available by request. If you’re interested or know someone who is, please pass the word along. First come, first serve. Email me at  

PS- Yes, she found another dress. And it’s so HER. It looks fabulous on her!