As I was getting ready for work this morning I picked up a gray trapeze sweater with big buttons that I bought last winter. It’s kind of an unusual shape, but it’s very comfy and looks cute with a long-sleeved tee and jeans.

I held it in my hands for a moment, then placed in back down. No, not today, I thought.

Why? Well ok, here it is. Last time I wore the sweater a coworker made fun of me. He asked me where my matching legwarmers and scrunchi was. I ignored him the first time and wore it again, only to be asked where the rest of my clown posse was (big buttons — clown-like?).

The comments rushed me back to the fourth grade. I showed up to school in my current favorite outfit: black spandex bike shorts with a white and red striped skirt attached to them, plus the matching white and red striped boat-neck top to go along with it. Oddly enough I cannot remember the shoes, but that is not important.

I came into the classroom feeling cute and confident, until Aaron Lastnameescapesme came up to me, pointed at my legs and said, “Your legs are shiny. Why are they shiny? Do you shave your legs???”

Now I have no idea why my legs looked shiny and to a fourth-grader, the idea of shaving my legs was horrific and embarrassing. He kept teasing me and I turned on my heel to walk away from him before he could make me cry.

I never wore the outfit again.

This morning I cursed Aaron Lastnameescapesme for ever making me doubt myself because of something a guy says. Especially regarding fashion, because let’s be honest, neither Aaron nor my coworker will be gracing the cover of GQ any time soon.

I didn’t wear the sweater today, but I will wear it again. Soon.

And guess what, Aaron. My legs ARE shaved. So there.