Some of you have noticed the new link over there on the left indicating that I finally caved and joined Twitter.  Because if reading once daily about the inner workings of my crazy brain isn’t enough, you can now see almost hourly updates of what I’m thinking about.

You’ve been warned. Sometimes it resembles something along the lines of “Hungry. Would like chocolate. Or mashed potatoes. And a new pair of shoes.”


Speaking of potatoes, we had dinner at Michael’s mom’s house last night and she called beforehand to ask what kind of potatoes we wanted — mashed or roasted.

I debated telling her that I only eat my potatoes in the form of tots.

What, no?

Can you tell I’m not sleeping? I’m not, really. I mean, I sleep for an hour or two, then wake up, then sleep, then wake up —  usually from 3:30 – 5:30 a.m. with no sleep in sight, only to crash for a few hours until the alarm angrily wakes me up.

Only nine more days of this no sleeping thing. I hope!

Maybe I should go make something caffeinated…