– Project Runway. If you DVR’d it, turn away now because the winner will be revealed. Personally, I thought Leanne’s collection was gorgeous, if a little…petal-y. The colors and shapes really appealed to me and while I could have gone either way between her and Korto, I’m super glad it wasn’t Kenley who took home the prize. Her voice gets under my skin.

– I slept through the night! Many, many hours straight. This hasn’t happened in a least a week, maybe more. Maybe it was because I finished a project before bed (two hours of writing and folding seating cards) or because Michael is being such a love lately. His excitement about the wedding makes my heart melt.

– How did I not know so many of you were on Twitter? I mean, I thought I was hip. With it. (Duka, duka, duka) (Oh come on, you know what that’s from!) But apparently having a blog does not make you up to date in the land of Internets. (Side note: one of my best friends slash coworker slash blogger said “Internets” at a staff meeting. Aside fro me, everyone looked at her like she was crazy. Clearly, not everyone speakers Blogger. )

After yesterday’s post there was massive tweeting going on. I feel so loved. And also, HI to those of you who delurked! It’s so awesome to hear from you.

– I had a minor wedding freak out at work yesterday. I received an email from the Reverend which I read to say…your personal vows are too anecdotal. I think you should rewrite them.

Panicked, frustrated and hurt (I LOVE my personal vows), I wrote back to him. But while I waited and waited and WAITED to hear from him, I freaked. And went on Twitter and described said freak out. Then was promptly contacted by Jess, who has also written her own vows and totally got why I was upset. She (as well as the multiple friends I emailed in my panic) talked me off the ledge and when the Reverend got back to me saying he didn’t want me to change it, he was just confused whether I wanted him to read it first, then I would recite it. Ohhhhh.


But I’m entitled to a freak out this close, right?

– I have become a weather.com and accuweather.com stalker. So far, this is working in my favor.

– Umm…tomorrow is a week. Like, a WEEK. Cross your fingers that peak foliage continues to hold out down by the ocean. If it does, it’s going to be gorgeous.