I have a confession:

I’ve never had a pedicure.

Manicures, yes, but the tootsies? Not once.

Iย used to have a thing about feet. I didn’t want to talk about them, look at them, hear about them. Perhaps this is why I have chosen to cover mine up in the cutest adornments possible, so they’re no longer feet, but works of art.

(OK, that might be a little bit of a stretch.)

I still don’t love feet, but I’m much more tolerant of them now. However, the idea of someone with their face eye-level with them kind of give me the willies.

And also, since I’veย  never had a pedicure, I’m nervous that my feet are not nice enough to be in someone’s face! Do I have to self-pedi before I can professionally pedi? Do you see the vicious circle here? Am I completely insane?

(Don’t answer that.)

My wedding shoes are open toe. I kind of want a bazillion pictures of the shoes alone, the shoes on my feet, the shoes on my feet standing next the girls with shoes on their feet (duh) and on and on. But hi, they’re OPEN TOE. So, um, my toes will be exposed and captured on film for eternity. Gah.

Help me. Help me get over this pedicure panic. Is there a protocal? Foot pampering etiquette? Should I bring flip flops? Do I need to prep?

Gee, I’m college educated. You think I could find something more productive to worry about, like the state of this country.

Or how I am ever going to avoid dairy for the entire week.