I haven’t shared too much of my DIY stuff with you, but I thought last night’s project was worth sharing.

Michael’s grandmother came over last night to help me assemble our favors — leaf-shaped maple sugar candies. At first I asked her just to give her a project to do, since she had been asking to help for so long. But in the end, I’m so glad she came over, because even with two people this took two hours!

Two packages of baggies, one hole punch, a spool of ribbon, favor tags and 22 boxes (11 pounds) of maple sugar leaves.

Which resulted in 133 baggies in a box…

…and on the table when the box got full.

It was a lot of work, but oh, do I love them. (That stain on the table is from me at a very young age. It’s ink. Sorry, mom.)

Front of the tag:

Back of the tag:

I ran out ribbon with 12 to go so it looks like I’m running errands during the day. Which is fine because I need new textured stockings for the rehearsal dinner, now that it’s FREEZING.

Three days, people. Three. Days.