Tomorrow begins the wedding weekend. Tomorrow, we will rehearse our ceremony, eat good food with good people, and toast those who matter the most to us.

And then, on Friday, I will marry the man I have loved for six and a half years.

I cannot believe we’re here.

Thank you all so much for your kind words, congratulations, and talking me off the ledge when I freaked out over silly things. (Envelopes? Did I really worry about envelopes?) And to those that have been reading since long before the day he asked me to be his wife, thank you for sharing the wisdom that I couldn’t yet see — it was going to happen.

Friday I become a wife. Friday he becomes my husband. Everything is how it should be.

We don’t leave for our mini-moon (big honeymoon in St. Lucia this winter woo hoo!) until Sunday, so you bet I’ll be back with a teaser picture before we leave.

I have also left you with three recently married wedding bloggers to keep you busy next week.

Off I go! See you as a Mrs.!