The first guest post is brought to you by the lovely Jessica Lynn. I followed her wedding prep on her planning blog and the results were beautiful.

Remember back when you were in grade school and you got picked first by one of the captains to be on their team? That’s what it felt like when Molly asked me to guest blog here on her little blog while she is having a wonderful time on her mini-moon with her husband!!!

I am a newlywed myself, but I don’t want to bore you with the details of my little wedding (you can read about it here, if your little heart desires). Instead, I’d like to chit chat about one of my favorite aspects surrounding the whole engagement to marriage process…..the bling!

Who doesn’t love looking at rings?! I do it all the time….the lady at the table next to me at the Cheesecake Factory, the receptionist at the dentist office, and the woman in the pedicure chair next to mine have all been victims of my inconspicuous attempt to check out their ring bling. I found the best place to do such browsing is on the blogs of wedding photographers. Check out some of my favorite ring shots, ever.

For example, “Nice rock“:

Who doesn’t love a cheeseburger? And the rings on the blue coral and the flower stems might just be my all time favorites.

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Tough decision: Which one do you like more, the shoes or the ring?

For the love of my love of pretty rings, I looove this shot.

And now, my friends a little ring bling of our rings that our photographer captured on our wedding day. We call it bling on bling. Love.

Now we all know that Molly has some serious bling, I cannot wait to see how her ring shot turns out!

Well friends, that’s all I’ve got for today. I’d love for you to pop over to my little blog, Tying the Knot sometime. Blog stalkers/lurkers are always welcome.

Molly, I have been as excited for your wedding as I have been for my own. Breathe, take it all in, smile pretty and tie the knot!

xo jessica lynn