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…a wedding pro-shot sampling:

Bridesmaid behinds!


Someone came up with the idea to push me on a luggage cart. It was awesome.


Seeing my bridesmaids in their dresses. I was so excited.


First kiss!


The socks.


Finally admitting the dress was not going to stay clean.


On the beach with the venue in the background. I think this will probably be our Christmas card.


Ladies with umbrellas.


On the beach.


There’s 700 or so more, but these are just some of my favorites. All images are taken by Scott Zuehlke, who I highly recommend for any New England brides.

With winter rapidly approaching, I’ve found myself once again searching for the perfect winter boot. In my struggles, I sent some links to my sister, who in turn started sending me boots that should never, ever, see the light of day. Her finds were so — wow — that I asked her to guest post.


While jokingly swapping pictures of ugly boots online with Molly yesterday (yes, we really do that. We also did it with wedding dresses for a long time.), she suggested I do a guest post. But not any post. A winter boot edition of “Makes My Feet Hurt.”  And Of course, I was totally down. And I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we’re long over due for a new edition. So here you go!

Makes My Feet Hurt : The Winter Boot Edition
By Shana (Shay-na, not Shanna, not Shania), The sister.
For every winterized dominatrix out there, try these cozy yet intimidating lovelies on for size!


Molly says: What? I thought big belts were in?

These boots aren’t awful, but I do think they should have Velcro on them so its easier for the kids to get them on. Oh wait….these are for adults? Really?….Oh.


Molly says: Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination and when he’s tall he’s what we call a dinosaur sensation…

Okay, I realize these are not winter boots, but I thought they deserved a spot. And while really, they speak for themselves, I will say this. They have one zipper on the inside so you can get them on and off, and an identical, non- functioning zipper on the outside for decoration….Some things I just don’t understand.


Molly says: How Fembots do winter.

Its one thing to wear fur on your boots, but do you have to make us envision you strangling the poor thing?


Molly says: Mythical creature Centaur: Half man, half horse, totally creepy.

Some of you might actually like these, but I think they look like moccasins that were left unattended to grow out of control like vines. Keeps your mocs below the ankles ladies.


Molly says: Yeah, I have no words.

Sneakers or Boots?


Molly says: Dear Michael, I would like these for Christmas. Love, Molly.

Now this one should really impress you. After much begging and convincing, Spider Man himself let me take a picture of his winter boots!


Molly says: Anatomy boots: for when wearing your muscular system on the outside is the only solution.

And last but certainly not least, an exotic rare fur to keep you warm this winter. Yeti!


Molly says: Ugly, yes, but at least at least they’ll blend in with the snow.

I guess its safe to say that for every cute shoe, there’s at least 10 terrible pairs lurking near by!

Today marks a month since our wedding day. I cannot believe how quickly time is flying. In just a few days it will be Thanksgiving, then before we know it, Christmas, and then — poof! My birthday. Good old 26, which will officially move me out of my early-20s and push me that much closer to 30.

At least I can take solace that Michael will always be older than me. Sorry, babe. I’ll throw you a great 30th birthday party in a few years while I secretly dance around singing to myself, “I’m still in my twenties!”

I’m actually not freaked about 30. I mean, it’s four years away. There’s a lot of awesomeness that I anticipate in the next four years that by the time I get to 30, I hope to be actually excited about it.

Kids. Bigger house. Successful career. Book?

To die for shoe closet. No question mark there.

In the mean time, I think I better take a good look around me and bask in the glow of my twenties. Because time? It’s flying.

People, I have been trying unsuccessfully all morning to take a good cell phone picture for you to show you the hair cut.

I can’t.

I either look like a Muppet (remember, I am convinced I look like Janice) or I look like I got no sleep last night. And I did!

This was the best I could do. Sorry!


It’s flatter than  usual on top since my stylist uses a ion hair dryer and yup, it totally sucks all body from my hair. If you knew my father, you’d say this looks like him with a wig on.

I have to go clean my desk now, because I actually made myself allergic to my cube by not dusting in, oh…a WHILE.

I am so gross.

Happy Friday!

During the wedding planning process I was fortunate enough to cross paths with some excellent vendors. Most of them I sought out myself, but one very important one came to me.

I was contacted by Canditto to see if I would be interested in their photo-sharing kiosk at my wedding. Intrigued, I asked for more details.

Here’s the scoop: Canditto is an unobtrusive small kiosk that looks similar to the photo machines at your local CVS. Guests simply insert their memory card and all photos they took in the last eight (or six…this feature is customizable) hours will be uploaded onto the machine. At the end of the night, your kind and handy kiosk attendant (I had one of the founders, Rush, and he was most awesome) hands you a USB with all of the uploaded images on it.

Michael and I walked away with almost 500 candids from the day. Talk about instant gratification! We spent a good portion of the following day reliving our wedding and couldn’t have been happier about it. Canditto is the reason I’ve been able to share so many pictures with you while waiting for our professional images.

Canditto is currently only available in New England, but come Spring 2009 they will have a version that can be sent via FedEx anywhere in the country.

Canditto isn’t just for weddings, either. They’d be great for birthday parties, graduations, office get togethers or any event you’d love to have pictures from immediately.

As a special bonus, book your Canditto before Decemeber 31, 2008 and mention this post to receive 10% off.

Contact Canditto with any questions on their contact page.

So, I just cried at my desk watching the trailer for my wedding video. Just thought you should know.

Then I sent it to basically all my friends and family so they could cry at their desks.

Some did.

Moving on…

Work this week and last has been crazy since I’m working Project That Is Big And Take Up Much Time so writing about anything that isn’t related to a) work or b) my wedding video trailer is kind of hard today.

Fact: I bought new jeans on Saturday and wore them Monday. I have them on again today and only now did Michael notice them. That’s ok, though. I think he noticed them because I was walking in front of him and he likes the way my butt looks in them. Oooh.

Fact: I have not updated my Wanting/Wearing sections in, oh, MONTHS. Sorry, I know, I suck.

Fact: There have been people working on our office heating system for three days. They’re not here today. It’s still cold. Like, 27 degrees outside when I left for work. I’m wearing tights under my jeans.

Fact: My hair appointment is tomorrow. I’m thinking of something like this:


Fact: I have to go watch my wedding video one more time before burying myself in work. Ok, maybe two more times.

Why wait for Thanksgiving?

Today I’m thankful for…

– Flannel sheets and a fluffy down comforter.

– My husband’s tousled bed head.

– Cozy sweater dresses and slouchy suede boots.

– Quaker Oat Squares cereal, no milk.

Southern New England Home, Food & Wine and Design New England sitting on my desk just waiting to be read.

– One of my blog crushes following me on Twitter.

– A dinner date with a friend, complete with a chilled bottle of wine.

– Sun, sun, glorious sun and not a cloud in site.

– A hair appointment on Thursday (the blonde won out…at least for a little while longer.)

– Minty chapstick with just the right amount of tingle.

– CDs of our wedding music given to us by the DJ.

– Green tea, piping hot on this chilly day.

What are you thankful for today?

After dinner with a blogging friend on Friday, we started discussing other bloggers we knew. “X, Y and Z were so surprised when I told them how you really are,” she said.

I laughed, but was confused. What did she mean?

Apparently, these bloggers were surprised I wasn’t so straight laced in real life.

Straight laced? Really? I would describe myself as many things, but straight laced is definitely not one of them.

When I asked her where this perception came from, she said it’s basically because I only write about the sparkly, the shiny and the topics having nothing do with s-e-x.

Here’s what I have to say about that.

I am not an anonymous blogger. Haven’t been since the beginning. Because of that, there are things in my life that I choose not to share with the Internets — the Internets which include most of my friends, my family, former coworkers and the like. There is a thing as too much information. I think this blog is a fair representation of who I am, just without all the baggage.

Consider this Molly Light — same great flavor, half the calories.

Not writing about sex does not make me a prude or uptight. Not writing about sex makes me a woman who believes that what goes on between a husband and wife is private between them (and maybe a few close girlfriends over martinis) and no one else’s business. Sure, I’ve enjoyed reading anonymous blogger’s tales of sexual exploits, but I myself would never chose to share those details — whether my parents were reading this blog or not. I know how I would feel if Michael decided to write about it.

As far as the sparkly and shiny goes, sure, I write about that. And I think you basically enjoy reading about it. If we’re being truthful, I’ve had a lot of sparkly and shiny things happen these past few years and I’m not ashamed of that. There’s also been some not so sparkly and shiny things that have occurred along the way and I believe if you go back through the archives, you’ll read about some of that. And the things I have not shared, well, there are reasons for that. Be it not wanting myself or my family to relive pain, keeping a secret for a friend or any small reason in between. Keeping things to myself does not mean I’m putting on an act for you.

There is a big difference between writing anonymously and not. Sometimes I envy those who do — the ones that can bitch out a friend when she’s being ridiculous, analyze in detail a first date or rant about a bad day at work. These are things I can’t do.

But I have been able to publicly show my appreciation for those I love. I’ve been able to form friendships by exposing things that aren’t always comfortable, but that make me real. Molly Light is many things, but sterile and straight laced she is not.

Yes, I’m girly. Yes, I like shoes and clothes and hair products. But I’m so much more than that.

I hope this comes through in my writing, because if not, I have failed you, readers. And if you think I’m a cold, plastic version of the real Molly, I apologize.

I’m here, I’m real. And I like it this way.

 Want to know how lame I am? I couldn’t sleep last night because I was worried.

About my hair.

Ahhh even typing that makes me seem so incredibly lame. But wait, hear me out.

I have an appointment next week to dye my hair. Red. Like, Lohan before she got trashy circa Mean Girls red.

I’ve been red before.


One might think I’d have a better picture. One would be wrong. Also, bangs? Really, Molly?

And I really thought I was ready for a change and was going to dive in hair first.

And now I’m questioning it. I’ve been blonde for awhile now and I really do love it. My professional wedding pictures haven’t even come in yet and do I really want to look completely different than the girl in the pictures when they finally do?

This is by far one of the most shallow and superficial things I’ve ever worried about. You don’t need to leave me a nasty comment telling me that. Duh, I know.

But I really don’t know what to do. My mom will say red — no question. Michael has no preference, he loves me in all shades (awww). I’m leaning towards staying blonde…just a little while longer. Maybe until we decide to start trying for kids and I can’t dye my hair any more? (Because red is much closer to my natural shade and letting it grow out would be no problem.)

Blonde or red? Blonde or red?!

Oh heeey. I didn’t mean to upset y’all by making you think the content of TLM is going to change. My bad. What I was trying to get across in the blog design post (thought clearly, not very well. At all.) was that I just want the overall LOOK of the blog to be a little fresher. Right now I feel like it’s cluttered and I just would like to see a cleaner, more organized look.

Forget my question about what you wanted to see more of. You get what I write, mwhahahahah!

(I clearly do not pull off the evil laugh well either. Meh.)

But you want more Shoeru, Doyou? (Funny? What?)

Yes, I think that can be arranged. Now that I can, you know, afford to  buy them again.

So no worries, my loves. You have stood by me through a lot. Some crazy, some sane, some very crazy. You think I would deny you a future of pregnancy hormone-induced posts? (No, not pregnant. Talking future here, peeps.)

So again, sorry for the confusion. I blame it on the zero soy chais I’ve had today.

Ask me anything!

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