Because I’m a good friend, I won’t be posting dozens of pictures of my bridesmaids pre-hair and makeup. Because I would kill them if they did that to me!

The morning began with a squeal from my sister. “You’re getting MARRIED today!!!” Laughing, I headed into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I looked in the mirror and there it was — a spot. Not a zit, but a red spot right on my temple. One that had not been there the day before.

“Put Windex on it!” we laughed.

I grumbled, but figured I was paying a makeup artist good money to cover and last minute spots so all would be fine. I headed down to breakfast with some of the bridesmaids and ran into a bunch of guests, all who immediately began humming “Here comes the bride” and asking me if I was nervous.

Um…no, actually. Why, is something happening today? Hehe.

After breakfast, nine of us headed off to the salon, ready to take it over with mimosas and snacks. Thus began the very long process of beautifying an entire wedding party.

What, I can’t go like this? (She covered the spot just fine!)

OK, this is a little better.

Side story: I did not originally bring my veil to the salon because I figured it would be too much of a pain to get into the car, then out of the car, then into my dress wearing it. My stylist did not agree, and luckily for me I have some awesome bridesmaids who headed back to the hotel to get it for me.

Once I wa veiled, it was back to the hotel for final prep before the photographer arrived.

My Christmas present from Clink. It had been sitting in the closet for months waiting for just this day!

I don’t have any candids of getting ready in the room, but I can’t wait to see the video, as we were all talking about “puffing” up the ladies so they looked good in the dress.

All dressed and ready to go, we headed down to the lobby to kill some time before it was time to leave. I can’t wait to see these pro-pictures because we were lounging in the lobby Top Model style. They should be great.

Then, it was time to see my Dad.

It was a little emotional.

After some outside pictures, it was back to the lobby, where my bridesmaids continued to be silly. I loved watching them.

Then a little silly time with my sister…

Afterwards, we climbed into the limo and headed off to the church. It was only then that I started to feel likeย wow, this is actually happening.

I may have become a little nervous.

We arrived to the church a little early, which gave us the opportunity to watch people streaming into the church as we waited outside. The reality, very strong now, caused my heart to beat a little faster.

Then, before I knew it, it was go time. My bridesmaids and parents slid out of the limo, leaving my alone with my thoughts for just a few minutes. From my seat, I could see the girls begin to walk down the aisle. Then, a tap of the door, indicating it was my turn. The doors to the church closed as I joined my parents.

And began to cry.

This, I had not expected. I thought it would be during my vows that I lost it, not before I even began my walk down the aisle.

My mom said something to me, the words have escaped me. But whatever it was, it was making me cry harder.

So I snapped at her!

Sorry, Mom!

Then, I heard it. The final notes of the bridesmaids processional (“YES!” I thought, “There’s music!”), and suddenly, the first strands of my very own.

I took a deep breath, squeezed both of my parents hands, and the church doors opened.