There are moments in your life you think you’ll always remember. Your college graduation, your first kiss, the moment you fell in love.

If you asked me two weeks ago if I would clearly remember my walk down the aisle, I would say yes, absolutely.

The truth is, my walk down the aisle is more like a fuzzy dream sequence, peppered with flashes of little moments. I did not see one person in the pews. I could only see Michael waiting for me at the end. (Go ahead, gag at the sap pouring over you. It’s true!) I was aware of my parents — their arms linked through mine — and in my peripheral I did see everyone rise.

That was it, because I was sobbing.


Like I said, this was totally unexpected. When I arrived at the alter, the Reverend told me to take a deep breath and then — like magic — I was fine. All smiles. Beaming, actually. And then it began. The ceremony was exactly what we wanted — a mix of the traditional and the personal. The formal vows were recited, and then the Reverend said it was my turn to share my personal words with Michael.

I did. I held it together and smiled up at him as I read. Then it was his turn. I braced myself for some tears, but I had no idea what was about to come.

As Michael began to read, tears filled his eyes and suddenly he was sobbing. Shocked and touched, I reached out to grab his hands that were lightly shaking. As he continued, the sound of sniffles could be heard throughout the church. Everyone was crying. His words were so touching and moving, mixed with just the right amount of humor.

Now they say nothing is perfect at a wedding, right? I’m telling you — this is very true. And I hope the videographer caught our not-perfects on film because in retrospect, they were hilarious.

First of all, since Michael had neglected to put a tissue in his pocket (he admits he wasn’t expecting to lose it quite so much), he had nothing to wipe his runny nose on during the vows. Which resulted in one long, runny snot falling out of his nose. He caught it before it fell, but not before I laughed out loud — in the middle of his vows — on the alter.

Afterwards, it was time for the unity candles and all was going well until we placed them back in the candle holders.

And mine fell. Onto my dress.

You could hear the entire room gasp and luckily, the flame went out before hitting me. But not before getting some wax and a little soot on the side of my dress. “This can’t be good for the marriage!” I exclaimed. Everyone laughed. You would think this mess would bother me, but in actuality, I consider it more of a souvenir. And if you weren’t looking for it, you’d never see the soot anyway.

Before I knew it, we were pronounced husband and wife.



This is by far one of my favorite pictures. It’s a little grainy, but this is the moment after we kissed and I turned to get my flowers from my sister. I had no idea she had been crying until that moment and my expression is one of pure happiness and also one of awww…you were crying! I also love the way Michael is looking at me in that moment.


Down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. I’m pretty sure I was smiling at Clink here.




Here’s a back view of the dress for you. I think Michael had an itchy butt.


I swear, my face hurt at the end of the day. I just could not stop smiling.


Back into the church for some formal shots. My bridesmaids — so gorgeous inΒ their red and purple. And mom holding up my train (which by the way, was dirty before I even left the hotel. It is impossible to keep your dress clean.)


Did I mention I was happy? Deliriously so.


Tomorrow…the reception!