This is a long one!

Elated, we piled into the limo with the bridesmaids to head off for pictures. There was toasting and cheering, and one of the funniest pictures I have ever seen of Michael.


“What is this thing on my finger?!”

“Oh well, I think I like it! Cheers!”


After pictures, we arrived at our venue just prior to cocktail hour, which was perfect because we were able to see the room basically empty. I got a little emotional seeing my vision come together.


I love the twinkle lights in the rafters.


Our sweetheart table…see us dancing in the background?




And the view! It was spectacular.



The bridesmaids remembered to pull me into the bridal room to bustle me. It took a little longer than we had thought it would, so here I am, yammering away about something. Always, with the hands.


Then, we were introduced to The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love”. I thought it was appropriate and although I could only just hear it over all the cheers and clapping, I’m so glad that was the song.


Heading towards the dance floor. Best part? Mom patting my butt!


First dance to DMB’s “Steady As We Go”. We both cried.


Tears out of the way, it was time to party! Everyone kept coming up to me to tell me they were having the best time. Some got a little rowdier than others…


This is what happens when you put a table of bloggers together. These two are just the tip of the ice burg! (For the record, number of bloggers in attendance? Eight.)

And there was dessert! At least, I heard there was. All the planning that went into the cupcake tower and the cookie bar? Well, I’m glad my guests enjoyed it because Michael and I never even got to the dessert table! We were too busy talking with people and were disappointed to find everything gone when we finally made it back there.

They look like they were delicious, though.


After awhile, I decided if you wanted to talk to me, I’d be on the dance floor. It was the best choice I could have made because we did this for hours…


And then, as quickly as it had started, it was over. Michael and I collapsed in the lobby grinning at each other. We wanted to do it all over again!


Getting married officially rocks.

Oh, how could I forget this last little bit? All night I kept hearing, “Hey, Shoeru! What’s on your feet?”

THE shoes.


A big thank you to Anna for many of these great shots. They are keeping me occupied until the pro shots come in, however, they look pretty professional to me!

I’ll close out tomorrow with some detail shots and I promise to show you some of the best from our photographer when they come in.