As you know, the details of the day were very important to me. I don’t have pictures yet of the programs,Β  but you remember the favor tags, right? All of the paper goods were designed to match the red and purple falling leaves invitations and when all was said and done, they rocked.

One thing I wouldn’t compromise on was the ceremony music. When we were looking for a church, it was very important to me that we find one that allowed us to pick our own, and not regulate us only to the organist. Once we found the church, the difficult process of picking music began.

Here’s what it ended up being:

Lighting of the unity candle/seating of Mike’s mom (since my mom walked me down the aisle): Canon in D (I was at first totally against using this song for anything since it’s always used, but then I realized, it’s always used for a reason. It’s beautiful!)

Bridesmaid Processional: Instrumental version of U2’s All I Want is You. (If you click on it, it will redirect you to a new page where you can hear the song.)

Bridal Processional: This one was a no brainer. The closest thing Michael and I have to “our song” is this one. I won’t get into the story behind it, but whenever I hear it, I think of him. This instrumental version still brings tears to my eyes and walking towards him with it playing was just so perfect. U2’s With Or Without You.

Recessional: You guys picked it! Natalie Cole’s This Will Be (an everlasting love). So after our kiss we turn around as husband and wife, everyone claps, and we expect the recessional to begin playing. It doesn’t. The sextant apparently did not know how to work a CD player. So there we are, standing in front of the church, smiling at everyone…and it’s starting to get a liiitle uncomfortable. Nervous laughter. Where’s the music? The Reverend whispers, “give her a minute”, so we keep standing there. FINALLY the music starts and it’s awesome. People loved it!

So you saw my wedding shoes yesterday, but remember how I wanted the girls to wear purple shoes? Here they are! They looked awesome with the red dresses, but I guess they weren’t super comfy. To make up for that, part of their gifts at the rehearsal dinner included purple flip flops, so they had something to change into for dancing.



This is the one thing I wasn’t super crazy about. Actually, I think my mom was more stressed out about what the flowers would look like than I was! Until the morning before the wedding, when the florist called me and said, I hate to do this to you, but can you stop in? The hydrangeas aren’t quite right…

So I did. And they were more blue than purple. But you know what? They still looked gorgeous so I didn’t care! Nice of her to call, though.

These were the flowers from the pews.


A bridesmaid bouquet:


One big theme throughout the wedding was the goal of making it personal. Our vows, our toasts…and the father/daughter dance. I am so lucky to have a musical family. My mom and sister decided they wanted to sing the Eva Cassidy version of “Time After Time” and had my father compose and instrumental for them. The first time they suggested it, my mom put the song on in the car and began to sing.

And I began to cry.

Hearing them on the wedding day and feeling like one big connected family was one of the most special parts of the entire wedding to me. We all cried…again!


And later, my sister rocked the house with a fabulous and bluesy version of At Last. I am so very lucky.

So that concludes the wedding wrap-up. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey, I know I have. I’ll post some pro-pics when they come in but I suppose it’s time to find something else to talk about, eh?

Back to shoes? The fact that dinner was a bowl of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and a glass of wine and the thought of getting back into my gym routine is making me majorly annoyed?


You’ll just have to wait and see.

Happy weekend!