Oh heeey. I didn’t mean to upset y’all by making you think the content of TLM is going to change. My bad. What I was trying to get across in the blog design post (thought clearly, not very well. At all.) was that I just want the overall LOOK of the blog to be a little fresher. Right now I feel like it’s cluttered and I just would like to see a cleaner, more organized look.

Forget my question about what you wanted to see more of. You get what I write, mwhahahahah!

(I clearly do not pull off the evil laugh well either. Meh.)

But you want more Shoeru, Doyou? (Funny? What?)

Yes, I think that can be arranged. Now that I can, you know, afford to  buy them again.

So no worries, my loves. You have stood by me through a lot. Some crazy, some sane, some very crazy. You think I would deny you a future of pregnancy hormone-induced posts? (No, not pregnant. Talking future here, peeps.)

So again, sorry for the confusion. I blame it on the zero soy chais I’ve had today.