Want to know how lame I am? I couldn’t sleep last night because I was worried.

About my hair.

Ahhh even typing that makes me seem so incredibly lame. But wait, hear me out.

I have an appointment next week to dye my hair. Red. Like, Lohan before she got trashy circa Mean Girls red.

I’ve been red before.


One might think I’d have a better picture. One would be wrong. Also, bangs? Really, Molly?

And I really thought I was ready for a change and was going to dive in hair first.

And now I’m questioning it. I’ve been blonde for awhile now and I really do love it. My professional wedding pictures haven’t even come in yet and do I really want to look completely different than the girl in the pictures when they finally do?

This is by far one of the most shallow and superficial things I’ve ever worried about. You don’t need to leave me a nasty comment telling me that. Duh, I know.

But I really don’t know what to do. My mom will say red — no question. Michael has no preference, he loves me in all shades (awww). I’m leaning towards staying blonde…just a little while longer. Maybe until we decide to start trying for kids and I can’t dye my hair any more? (Because red is much closer to my natural shade and letting it grow out would be no problem.)

Blonde or red? Blonde or red?!