After dinner with a blogging friend on Friday, we started discussing other bloggers we knew. “X, Y and Z were so surprised when I told them how you really are,” she said.

I laughed, but was confused. What did she mean?

Apparently, these bloggers were surprised I wasn’t so straight laced in real life.

Straight laced? Really? I would describe myself as many things, but straight laced is definitely not one of them.

When I asked her where this perception came from, she said it’s basically because I only write about the sparkly, the shiny and the topics having nothing do with s-e-x.

Here’s what I have to say about that.

I am not an anonymous blogger. Haven’t been since the beginning. Because of that, there are things in my life that I choose not to share with the Internets — the Internets which include most of my friends, my family, former coworkers and the like. There is a thing as too much information. I think this blog is a fair representation of who I am, just without all the baggage.

Consider this Molly Light — same great flavor, half the calories.

Not writing about sex does not make me a prude or uptight. Not writing about sex makes me a woman who believes that what goes on between a husband and wife is private between them (and maybe a few close girlfriends over martinis) and no one else’s business. Sure, I’ve enjoyed reading anonymous blogger’s tales of sexual exploits, but I myself would never chose to share those details — whether my parents were reading this blog or not. I know how I would feel if Michael decided to write about it.

As far as the sparkly and shiny goes, sure, I write about that. And I think you basically enjoy reading about it. If we’re being truthful, I’ve had a lot of sparkly and shiny things happen these past few years and I’m not ashamed of that. There’s also been some not so sparkly and shiny things that have occurred along the way and I believe if you go back through the archives, you’ll read about some of that. And the things I have not shared, well, there are reasons for that. Be it not wanting myself or my family to relive pain, keeping a secret for a friend or any small reason in between. Keeping things to myself does not mean I’m putting on an act for you.

There is a big difference between writing anonymously and not. Sometimes I envy those who do — the ones that can bitch out a friend when she’s being ridiculous, analyze in detail a first date or rant about a bad day at work. These are things I can’t do.

But I have been able to publicly show my appreciation for those I love. I’ve been able to form friendships by exposing things that aren’t always comfortable, but that make me real. Molly Light is many things, but sterile and straight laced she is not.

Yes, I’m girly. Yes, I like shoes and clothes and hair products. But I’m so much more than that.

I hope this comes through in my writing, because if not, I have failed you, readers. And if you think I’m a cold, plastic version of the real Molly, I apologize.

I’m here, I’m real. And I like it this way.