Why wait for Thanksgiving?

Today I’m thankful for…

– Flannel sheets and a fluffy down comforter.

– My husband’s tousled bed head.

– Cozy sweater dresses and slouchy suede boots.

– Quaker Oat Squares cereal, no milk.

Southern New England Home, Food & Wine and Design New England sitting on my desk just waiting to be read.

– One of my blog crushes following me on Twitter.

– A dinner date with a friend, complete with a chilled bottle of wine.

– Sun, sun, glorious sun and not a cloud in site.

– A hair appointment on Thursday (the blonde won out…at least for a little while longer.)

– Minty chapstick with just the right amount of tingle.

– CDs of our wedding music given to us by the DJ.

– Green tea, piping hot on this chilly day.

What are you thankful for today?