So, I just cried at my desk watching the trailer for my wedding video. Just thought you should know.

Then I sent it to basically all my friends and family so they could cry at their desks.

Some did.

Moving on…

Work this week and last has been crazy since I’m working Project That Is Big And Take Up Much Time so writing about anything that isn’t related to a) work or b) my wedding video trailer is kind of hard today.

Fact: I bought new jeans on Saturday and wore them Monday. I have them on again today and only now did Michael notice them. That’s ok, though. I think he noticed them because I was walking in front of him and he likes the way my butt looks in them. Oooh.

Fact: I have not updated my Wanting/Wearing sections in, oh, MONTHS. Sorry, I know, I suck.

Fact: There have been people working on our office heating system for three days. They’re not here today. It’s still cold. Like, 27 degrees outside when I left for work. I’m wearing tights under my jeans.

Fact: My hair appointment is tomorrow. I’m thinking of something like this:


Fact: I have to go watch my wedding video one more time before burying myself in work. Ok, maybe two more times.