With winter rapidly approaching, I’ve found myself once again searching for the perfect winter boot. In my struggles, I sent some links to my sister, who in turn started sending me boots that should never, ever, see the light of day. Her finds were so — wow — that I asked her to guest post.


While jokingly swapping pictures of ugly boots online with Molly yesterday (yes, we really do that. We also did it with wedding dresses for a long time.), she suggested I do a guest post. But not any post. A winter boot edition of “Makes My Feet Hurt.”  And Of course, I was totally down. And I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we’re long over due for a new edition. So here you go!

Makes My Feet Hurt : The Winter Boot Edition
By Shana (Shay-na, not Shanna, not Shania), The sister.
For every winterized dominatrix out there, try these cozy yet intimidating lovelies on for size!


Molly says: What? I thought big belts were in?

These boots aren’t awful, but I do think they should have Velcro on them so its easier for the kids to get them on. Oh wait….these are for adults? Really?….Oh.


Molly says: Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination and when he’s tall he’s what we call a dinosaur sensation…

Okay, I realize these are not winter boots, but I thought they deserved a spot. And while really, they speak for themselves, I will say this. They have one zipper on the inside so you can get them on and off, and an identical, non- functioning zipper on the outside for decoration….Some things I just don’t understand.


Molly says: How Fembots do winter.

Its one thing to wear fur on your boots, but do you have to make us envision you strangling the poor thing?


Molly says: Mythical creature Centaur: Half man, half horse, totally creepy.

Some of you might actually like these, but I think they look like moccasins that were left unattended to grow out of control like vines. Keeps your mocs below the ankles ladies.


Molly says: Yeah, I have no words.

Sneakers or Boots?


Molly says: Dear Michael, I would like these for Christmas. Love, Molly.

Now this one should really impress you. After much begging and convincing, Spider Man himself let me take a picture of his winter boots!


Molly says: Anatomy boots: for when wearing your muscular system on the outside is the only solution.

And last but certainly not least, an exotic rare fur to keep you warm this winter. Yeti!


Molly says: Ugly, yes, but at least at least they’ll blend in with the snow.

I guess its safe to say that for every cute shoe, there’s at least 10 terrible pairs lurking near by!