So, yesterday sucked, eh? Yeah. It really did. After the news I found myself driving around aimlessly, before ending up sitting in my car in my driveway sobbing into the phone as Michael assured me that we are fine. Things are fine. This too shall pass.

Except it’s really hard to see that when you find yourself unexpectedly without a job.

Today is better. Today, I turned on my computer and found an outpouring of love and support. I am truly blown away by the kindness of strangers, the readers that reached out to offer a virtual hug and in some cases, some actual possibilities of work.

And to the ones I know in real life — the ones who called, texted, emailed and offered to slash some tires, you know who you are. And I thank you.

Today I am on my feet, and although I’m a little unstable, I know I will stand tall again soon. Today is the first day of a new chapter. If we’re being honest, I’m almost happy this happened. Not that it happened so suddenly or without a cushion for me to fall on, but happy that this life event will force me to push myself in a new direction.

I want to write. I really want to write. And I’m going to pursue this goal.Β Be it freelancing or finally writing that book…it’s time.

And maybe an extended unemployment vacation isn’t so bad. I’ll admit, today I’m kind of moping in front of a True Life marathon, but the gym — vast and empty during the day — is calling my name. And a friend sitting home on the couch recovering from gallbladder surgery has offered a long-standing lunch invitation.

This sucks, but I am still so very fortunate. I am blessed to have a wonderful and supportive husband, a home, a college degree, health insurance…

This is not the end of the world. It’s the beginning of something new.

But just in case, you’ll buy my book…right?