Since I lost my job multiple people have been commenting that this is a blessing in disguise because not only can I find something I love to do, but I have time to be so domestic!

One person said it was so good that I can clean the house every day and another said that at least I had time to decorate for Christmas.

This reminds me of before we got married when I was told not to worry, after I get married I’ll learn to be domestic. Say what?

Why does everyone seem to think I’m NOT domestic now? I clean, I cook, I take care of the dog. I even have a subscription to Martha Stewart Living and she’s the queen of domesticity.

I’m really tired of hearing it. Short of cooking a five course meal each day while simultaneously vacuuming and knitting a sweater, I have no idea what IĀ  could be doing better.

Maybe I should write to Martha.