Hey guys, when I was talking about people making comments about being domestic yesterday, I wasn’t talking about your comments. I was referring to two people in my every day life that made those comments to my face. I love your comments!

Moving on…

It’s the time of year where I find myself struggling to find appropriate stocking stuffers and little gifts for friends and family. Since I’ve now been privvy to morning television, I’ve been lucky enough to see many As Seen On TV product commercials and let me just say, friends and family? You are in for a very merry Christmas.

First up, we have the Snuggie — the blanket with sleeves.


According to the commercial, “blankets are  OK,  but can slip and slide, plus your hands are stuck inside!” Luckily, the Snuggie is made of top quality fleece and provides not one, but TWO sleeves.

Kind of like, um…a sweatshirt.

The Snuggie looks pretty warm, so when it’s time for bed, relax with the Chillow — the cooling pillow!


“Pillows are like the desert…hot!” Oh, really, Chillow? My pillow gets warm, sure, but hot? Like the DESERT? Oh come on, Chillow. For $29.95 (plus shipping and handling), I’ll just put my pillowcase in the freezer. (There’s a similar product for dogs, too. It’s called the Canine Cooler. Yes, really.)

Still not cool enough? Then you need the Cool Blast Personal Mister.


It features “micro-mist technology, creating an ultra-fine spray, cooling and instantly refreshing you.”

Huh. So, it’s a SPRAY BOTTLE.

And if you’re still having trouble with hot and cold, there’s the Faucet Light.


An LED light turns water blue when it’s cold and red when it’s hot! No more trying to remember if hot water is on the left or the right! And fear not, the nightmares of blood coming from your sink will disappear in time.

No need to thank me now. You can send me a card when your friends and family are overjoyed on Christmas morning.