I want a clementine. A whole box of them that I can eat without guilt. I want to smell their citrus-y goodness and hold each slice in my mouth, letting the juice slowly drain out.

I want a routine. One that doesn’t involve hours of job searching, followed by a nap.

I want a good sweat, sore muscles and a healthy flush.

I want someone else to do the dishes, fold the laundry and vacuum up the dog hair.

I want my mind to rest, allowing me to fall asleep at a reasonable hour instead of keeping me awake, tossing and turning and watching The First Wives Club past 1 a.m.

I want some good morning television.

I want a new winter coat in a rich, saturated color. I don’t want to worry about the cost.

I want a good cry, without feeling guilty about it.

I want my wedding video to arrive so I can remember pieces of the day that were a blur.

I want Christmas day with my family — I want to eat, drink and be merry and forget, just for a day, that I’m feeling blue.

I want the beauty of white twinkle lights in evergreen branches year round.

I want chocolate covered in chocolate with a side of chocolate.

I want it all.