Christmas is in six days? How did that happen? Actually, most of my shopping is done, but I’m anxiously awaiting a few important gifts that look like they won’t arrive until the 23rd. The 23rd is fine, the 24th is pushing it, as we’re set to load up the car with presents and Kodiak and head off to New York to spend the holiday with my family.

Yesterday I attended a holiday party in a 1st grade classroom and while schmoozing with the mothers wasn’t awesome, the spread of holiday goodies was. My lunch was something like three mini cupcakes, a handful of chips and 47 cookies. Give or take a few. Ordinarily I would feel guilty about this, but I did go out and get those clementines and I figure eating a crate of those all week left room for the sweets. Plus, the gym and I are friends again so I’m not going to stress about holiday calories.

Especially since I’m making my now-famous (everyone loves them!) chocolate chip pumpkin cookies to bring home and let’s be honest, I can’t not eat some before packing them up.

To conclude my randomness for the day, I braved the mall yesterday and the economy may suck, but the stores are having ridiculous sales. I got fabulous new jeans for 20 bucks and they are a size I haven’t worn since high school.

Maybe there’s something to be said for cookie lunches.