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My fridge…


Um…I need to go food shopping. I realized this last night when the only thing to make for dinner was Busy Night Burritos (fantastic and easy, I’ll post the recipe sometime). What’s left? Soy milk, orange juice, yogurt (we eat a lot of yogurt), salsa, whole grain English Muffins, a piece of defrosted chicken, pita bread, soda that we only drink when we have pizza, two cartons of eggs (although, the one of the left only has one egg in it), lots of veggies and one apple. That big pan has one small slice of lasagna left. I could have put it in tupperware, but I was lazy.

So yeah, shopping. Because we can’t eat condiments.

My closet…


Or, a piece of it. What you can’t see is that over to the right, our old mattress is leaning against the wall waiting to be picked up tomorrow. So I can’t really open the closet too far. What you can see is a portion of my shoe collection (many are unseen in the closet, a few are tossed around the house), hot rollers…and that’s about it. Behind the closet door is a wedding gift — a set of luggage — that is so big I could stuff myself in it. It’s also so big, we have no place to store it.

My purse…


A purple umbrella (leftover from the wedding), my phone, sunglasses, a clutch (I can’t really explain having a purse within a purse, except that sometimes I grab the small one if I’m running errands that require not having a huge bag slung over my shoulder.), a pretty mirror with my initials on it, a tea bag (um…in case I get thirsty and have some spare hot water? What?), a Crest Whitestrip, checkbook, a menu from a cute breakfast place, a necklace, three different lipglosses, a gym headband and hair tie, tissues with puppy prints on them and my wallet.

I spared you the reciepts, random envelopes, three tampons and gum wrappers. You’re welcome.

Are you supposed to count each month anniversary the first year you’re married? If so, I forgot month three. It was five days ago. I can’t believe how quickly time is flying. Married three months. In about 10 weeks we will reach the seven year mark together. I am honored every day to call Michael my husband.

Things have been a little hard lately in life and he continues to be my life support.

Molly, you are a rock, he said in his vows.

 He is my boulder.


Somebody had a birthday last week. He turned four.


Mom, I cannot believe you are emasculating me with a pink and sparkly birthday crown. On the Internet. I look at you with disdain.

I love this funny dog with his expression-full face. He has brought such joy and love into our lives and although he and I got off to a rocky start three years ago, we’ve arrived at a wonderful place.


I’ve even gotten over the drool.


Happy birthday, puppy face. We love you.

This five question interview thing has been circling around the Internets, so when my friend Elizabeth asked who was next in line, I figured I might as well jump in. Below are the questions she wrote for me. If you want to be interviewed by me, leave me a comment and let me know!

(Oh and p.s. – thank you all for the pointing me in the direction of more than 145 new blogs. Holy crap, do you people deliver. I am honoring my promise of stopping by each and every one…just give me a few weeks to hit you all!)

What do you want to know about your future?

In the immediate future, I’d really like to know when and where I’ll be working again. I’d also like to know if I have a real shot at becoming a muse for Christian Louboutin in the near future.

What is on your bedside table?

I don’t have a bedside table because this is the one piece of furniture that causes me much angst. I can never find one I really like that doesn’t cost a fortune. I do, however, have an end table near the couch that I use just as often — if not more — than I would a bedside table, and at every given time it holds 2-3 library books, peppermint Chapstick, nail scissors, a photo of me and Michael in the snow ages 19 and 21, a hammered nickle lamp that I love, a bottle of nail polish and a wrapper from a piece of chocolate.

What was your favorite book as a child?

Alice and Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, Mary Poppins (the original book is amazing), the entire Oz series, Little House on the Prarie…I could go on and on. I read a LOT.

List five things you need to survive (excluding the obvious…air…etc.) if left alone on a deserted island.

Chocolate. Books. Flip flops (because stilettos would sink in the sand). Sunscreen. Michael.

Name one thing you learned today.

When the thermometer says 10, it’s best not to leave your gloves on the counter.

Bonus:  Why doesn’t MacDonald’s sell hot dogs?

Because the FDA is only just allowing them to sell “hamburgers”.

OK, who’s next?

Here’s to you, grocery store bag boy. He who stands at the end of the conveyor belt, vacant look upon youthful acne-prone face. Your indifference to your surroundings so poignant, so profound. Casually you fill my bags with vegetables and chicken, taking care to separate the two.

I pretend not to notice that you gave the celery it’s own bag. I understand, Bag Boy. I’ve heard that celery is the most angry vegetable in the bunch. Like a Siamese fighting fish, it’s best not paired with anything else. I guess. Or perhaps that’s your one joy, making one bag always hold a singular item. A sunny spot in an otherwise fluorescent light existence.

I know you wear many hats, Bag Boy — facing the shelves so all the Newman’s Own pasta sauce is in an even row, stacking salsa at the end of the aisles and occasionally, rounded up shopping carts left in the parking lot. I try to do my part and always return mine to the specified shopping cart daycare so that you, Bag Boy, don’t have to gather mine from a dark parking space. I know you appreciate it and just forgot to say thank you. I understand.

You’re more complex than you come across. Your iPod plays the rhythm of some obscure indie band, I’m sure, touching you so deeply you forget to wear your belt to work, causing you to hike up your sagging pants while simultaneously handling my yogurt. Don’t be fresh, now. And it makes you unique, you know, to wear your hat sideways instead of to the front.

So here’s to you, grocery store Bag Boy. He of reusable shopping bags and double coupons. I look forward to seeing you  next week.

It’s no secret that I’ve been avoiding the computer and everything computer related like it’s the plague lately. But tonight I had some freelance work to do, so I fired up the laptop…and promptly got distracted by my blog. Oh hello, lover. How I’ve missed you. I wrote a few posts (and scheduled them to post because oooh…so convenient!), then wandered over to the stat page, which I usually disregard because it’s way to easy to get wrapped up in the stats page.


I started looking at all these incoming links and thought to myself, “I have no idea who these people are!” So many of you are reading me and I want to know who you are. Why? Because I’ve got some time on my hands and a desire for some good new reads. Lay it on me, people. Leave me a comment with a link to your blog and what it’s about. It’s my goal to check out each and every one of you and to prove it, I’ll leave you a (relevant — not lame!) comment back. I’m all about the blog love and I know there’s some fabulous writing going out there that I’m missing out on.

So please, share your space with me. I am SO excited to read you!

My first real job out of college brought me experience, growth and most of all, friendships. The people I met at that job remain true friends…so much so, that there was a (crazy) table full of them at my wedding.

The ring leader of this ex-job friendship posse is by far my former boss, Mike. (Are you reading Mike? You should be reading Mike. Go read Mike.)

Mike gave me the chance to learn the ropes, was supportive when I became frustrated, encouraging when I was unsure, and always provided the much needed laughter that one needs when working in an office. He became more than a boss to me, more than a friend. He became the big brother I never had and always wanted. Which is why when I lost my most recent job, after I informed my family, he was the first one I called.

I’ve been feeling a little blue lately, so I am beyond excited to be getting together with Mike today. I would go back and work for him in a second (you know, if there was a job opening and he could match my last salary. Which there isn’t, and he can’t. Which sucks. A lot.)

I consider myself very lucky to have such a great person in my life. Mike, I can’t wait to see you!


We received an automated message last night letting us know that our new mattress and recliner would be delivered today between 10 a.m. and 1 pm.

They came at 9:15.


Vacuumed? No. Love seat removed from living room and stored somewhere else? Um, no. Invasion on the tan furniture brigade? Oh yes.

Michael had to leave to go to the dentist. Anyone want to come over and help me move a love seat? No? Then I’ll just spend my day playing Goldilocks and go around sitting in on each one.

Jeesh, I don’t know if I should be allowed to call myself the Shoeru if I a) haven’t updated the pictures of shoes on the sidebar in ages (in my defense, I wear my slippers a lot lately) and b) haven’t posted a Shoeru question in oh…awhile. That will change today. Also as a side note, I wasn’t sad in those hair pictures…just looking down to get a the most hair in the shot!

Phoebe says:

Hi Molly! 

I have been reading your blog a lot lately… ok so I have read all the archives- I’m not a stalker, I’m just really bored at work and I really like your blog.  Oh and I’m getting married in a few months and reading all about your pre-wedding planning, problems and joys is something I can totally relate to right now and are making me feel A LOT better!  But I’m writing you because I have 2 shoe questions and you seem like the best person to help me with my dilemma!  

First- the setting of the wedding- super casual and fairly small in Jamaica, in May.  I’m wearing a  very simple dress 


and I’m having a hard time finding shoes.  I want me shoes to be my something blue (and  a bright, shiny, beautiful blue).  However, I have pinched nerves in my feet, making heels very difficult for me to wear… which makes me so sad, as I’m a shoe-lover like you.  The only heel I can wear is a wedge and absolutely nothing over 2″ (this sucks, I know) but I really want my wedding shoes to have at some sort of heel.  Any suggestions?  I can’t find anything I really like or that will work on my bum feet and if anyone can help me in my quest, its you!  

My second question revolves around my bridesmaids.  They are wearing these dresses in watermelon


and I don’t know what to do for shoes.  I want to do something more fun than the regular old dyeables but I’m not sure what style or more importantly, what color… also the wedding is going to be on the beach, so pumps probably won’t work too well.  Oh and all my bridesmaids are taller than me so I don’t want them to have too much of a heel if that is possible.

Any advice/suggestions you can give me would be very, very, very appreciated!!!!

Phoebe, I am so excited you are choosing to use your shoes as your something blue. As you may remember, I wore red shoes on my wedding day so I am a HUGE fan of the colored shoe. Since you’re going to be married on a beach, I think it’s really important to keep your shoes as flat as possible. The last thing you want as you’re walking down the aisle towards your sweetheart is to be tripping in the sand. However, since you asked…I’ll do my best!

To go with the casual, flowy look of your dress, I think a strappy sandal would be gorgeous,especially on the beach. The beading on these, the color and the itty bitty heel would look awesome peeking out from under your hem.

Adriana by Unisa, $60

Adriana by Unisa, $60

 If you’re thinking you’d really like a little height, these wedges in a sweet turquoise could do the trick. The color would also look beautiful in contrast to your bridesmaid’s watermelon dress.

Wesken by Bandolino, $68.95

Wesken by Bandolino, $68.95

 Caparros, maker of many bridal shoes offers this cute D’Orsay in a deep navy. Plus, the low heel might be good for your pinched nerves.

Benson by Caparros, $68.95

Benson by Caparros, $68.95

 For something a little different, a patent mary jane is nice a shiny.

Kely Peep Toe by Miss Sixy, $92

Kely Peep Toe by Miss Sixy, $92

 And my personal favorite for your dress and venue, a low wedge in a delicious blue with the perfect bridal bow. Pricey, but hey, it’s your wedding. And these could totally be worn again.

Sabrina by Kathryn Kerrigan, $178 on sale at

Sabrina by Kathryn Kerrigan, $178 on sale at

 As far as your bridesmaids go, it depends how crazy you want to go. A light turquoise or even a pale yellow would be a fun contrast to the dress, or a traditional silver strappy sandal always works.

Love Knot Sandal by All Black, $65

Love Knot Sandal by All Black, $65

I’d love to hear what you decide! Please send pictures when you do for a Shoeru update post!

Got a question for the Shoeru? Email me at

Guys, I’m depressed. This no job thing coupled with the fact that no one is responding to my resumes added to being stuck in my house most of the day has left me in a serious funk.

Michael’s been a really great sport, but eventually he’s going to get tired of this bad mood I seem to be permanently stuck in. These Little Moments has suffered too, because for whatever reason I can’t seem to really get it up for the blog lately. I don’t like this…the blog has always been a space to release and the TLM community (you guys!) are so great and supportive that I really need to just drag my ass over to the computer every single morning and have a coffee date with you readers.

The reason I didn’t this morning was because in an effort to make myself feel better, I braved the seven degree weather (SEVEN!!!!) and headed off to the gym, more for the psychological benefits than the physical, but that’s an added bonus. I was half way through beating the crap out of the elliptical when who do I notice across the room, but my ex-boss. So I did what any depressed, jobless 26-year old would do. I stayed on the machine ten extra minutes to avoid running into her in the locker room.

Big bucket o’ chicken right here. Bock. Bock.

I don’t know if she saw me. If she did, she might not have recognized me. Especially since my sweaty face currently matched the color of my hair.

Oh yeah, I did it. Dyed my hair red last night. And in the moment right before the stylist pulled the towel off my head, the moment where I could just see the faintest bit of my hairline peaking through, I panicked. I silent panic, but a panic none the less. This is a BIG change. It’s only been about 18 hours so I still don’t know how I feel about it. I think I like it. Maybe. Probably. Gah.




*Kudos to whoever knows what song the title is from. No cheating!

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