It was somewhere between the 26th and 32nd mattress that I started to get punchy. I was staring up at the ceiling of the massive furniture store watching the oddly designed leaf-like fans sway back and forth as I tried to decide if this mattress was firmer in a good way, or firmer in a bad way than the last.

Before I knew it, I was laughing. Hard. The ridiculousness of the past five hours hit and all time high and I turned to share the hilarity with the one person who would get it. My husband, lying next to me on the plush/firm super high-coil extra foam cupcake of a mattress named after a fruity drink or a desert island(or both), feet resting on a pretentious velour mattress protector, head carefully avoiding the communal pillow.

His nose just inches from mine, our grins mirroring each others, we laughed together.

Maybe it was the shared experience of the world’s creepiest salesman, or his competitor, the world’s most obnoxious. Maybe it was a mix of high price tags coupled with lying on so many beds  — including one that digitally scanned our bodies in an attempt to match us to our perfect fit (apparently our perfect fit costs four grand…RIGHT) — our brains were sure it was nap time.

Whatever the reason, a long day of comparison shopping — a task that ordinarily appears to be one most couple might fight over — actually left us smiling, holding hands and laughing over a shared bag of jelly beans on the dark ride home.

As we drifted off to sleep on our soon-to-be replaced mattress, the man I love pulled me close and whispered, “I had such a great day with you.”

I smiled into the darkness and had to agree. What a great day it was.