I know I went back and forth about this before, but I’m having a hair color dilemma again. My hair appointment is tomorrow and this time I am positive I am ready to let go of the blonde. It can always be blonde again and there’s something about the grayness of winter and the fact that I’m bored (omigod I’m so totally and completely bored — extended vacation my ass) that makes me crave a head-full of a warm rich color.

The question is, which warm rich color? Starting with the most brown and moving to the most red…

1) A chocolate/chestnut


2) Still a little chocolate with a hint of red…just no eggplant. Shudder.


3) Red, but not bright. More of a strawberry.


4) Red red red. With a little blonde highlighting in the front. (Side note, aw…doesn’t Lindsay look cute? Remember when she was all sweet and good?)


Help me! The appointment is at 5 p.m. tomorrow and result pictures will be posted Friday.