So, you were expecting new hair color pictures, weren’t you? So was I. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a mix up at the salon and I’m going to be blonde until next Thursday when the appointment was rescheduled. I have to say, it’s pretty disappointing to finally decide to make the big change, only to have to go home and eat lasagna. (It was good lasagna, but still.)

Friday morning. Pictures. I promise.

Moving on…

Friday afternoon, still undecided on our mattress debacle, Michael and I headed to a mega furniture store to do one more comparison shopping. We pretty much had the mattress picked out, but figured checking out one more store couldn’t hurt.


I don’t know how it happened, because before this day we hadn’t even considered this option, but we found ourselves rolling back and forth from the firm to plush sides of a memory foam mattress. Swiss technology and all that jazz. Do we like this? I don’t know, do we? Is it better than the other mattress? Better, or different?

To make this excruciatingly long story shorter, we made the decision to purchase both a memory foam mattress and a recliner from this one store. The credit card was put down, the receipt signed, and we headed back home.

After going to the movies with some friends that night, I checked my phone and found multiple emails from Michael, all highlighting the bad things about memory foam mattresses.

They tell you when you purchase one that for a few weeks it may have a weird smell — they call that off-gassing — gas from the material that has to dissipate. They even suggest you put on clean socks and walk on it to help release the gas.


The more he read, the more forums he found about people getting sick — headaches, nausea, vomiting, rashes — that they never had before the bed, and never had again after getting rid of it. More research into the material brought light chemicals that can cause birth defects and possibly cancer.

Oh hellll no. We did not just buy a death bed. A very expensive death bed.

We both realize that these claims could just be made by hypochondriacs and that many people enjoy and rave about their memory foam mattresses. But after we read about all the potential dangers, we weren’t so sure anymore. People also claim that intimacy isn’t so great on them since there’s no bounce — you just sink in. When in comes time for baby making, not only would I like to enjoy it, but I’d like to prevent my children from having an extra arm or a nose in the middle of their forehead.

So what’s a sane, rational, sort of freaked out mattress buying couple to do?

They cancel their entire order the very next day.

Which brings us back to square one. No mattress.

We’re going back to the very first store to buy one of the very first mattresses we laid on. I guess we had to pull a Goldilocks and try them all, but jeesh, after all this shopping, I need a nap.