Guys, I’m depressed. This no job thing coupled with the fact that no one is responding to my resumes added to being stuck in my house most of the day has left me in a serious funk.

Michael’s been a really great sport, but eventually he’s going to get tired of this bad mood I seem to be permanently stuck in. These Little Moments has suffered too, because for whatever reason I can’t seem to really get it up for the blog lately. I don’t like this…the blogΒ has always been a space to release and theΒ TLM community (you guys!) are so great and supportive that I really need to just drag my ass over to the computer every single morning and have a coffee date with you readers.

The reason I didn’t this morning was because in an effort to make myself feel better, I braved the seven degree weather (SEVEN!!!!) and headed off to the gym, more for the psychological benefits than the physical, but that’s an added bonus. I was half way through beating the crap out of the elliptical when who do I notice across the room, but my ex-boss. So I did what any depressed, jobless 26-year old would do. I stayed on the machine ten extra minutes to avoid running into her in the locker room.

Big bucket o’ chicken right here. Bock. Bock.

I don’t know if she saw me. If she did, she might not have recognized me. Especially since my sweaty face currently matched the color of my hair.

Oh yeah, I did it. Dyed my hair red last night. And in the moment right before the stylist pulled the towel off my head, the moment where I could just see the faintest bit of my hairline peaking through, I panicked. I silent panic, but a panic none the less. This is a BIG change. It’s only been about 18 hours so I still don’t know how I feel about it. I think I like it. Maybe. Probably. Gah.




*Kudos to whoever knows what song the title is from. No cheating!