My first real job out of college brought me experience, growth and most of all, friendships. The people I met at that job remain true friends…so much so, that there was a (crazy) table full of them at my wedding.

The ring leader of this ex-job friendship posse is by far my former boss, Mike. (Are you reading Mike? You should be reading Mike. Go read Mike.)

Mike gave me the chance to learn the ropes, was supportive when I became frustrated, encouraging when I was unsure, and always provided the much needed laughter that one needs when working in an office. He became more than a boss to me, more than a friend. He became the big brother I never had and always wanted. Which is why when I lost my most recent job, after I informed my family, he was the first one I called.

I’ve been feeling a little blue lately, so I am beyond excited to be getting together with Mike today. I would go back and work for him in a second (you know, if there was a job opening and he could match my last salary. Which there isn’t, and he can’t. Which sucks. A lot.)

I consider myself very lucky to have such a great person in my life. Mike, I can’t wait to see you!