It’s no secret that I’ve been avoiding the computer and everything computer related like it’s the plague lately. But tonight I had some freelance work to do, so I fired up the laptop…and promptly got distracted by my blog. Oh hello, lover. How I’ve missed you. I wrote a few posts (and scheduled them to post because oooh…so convenient!), then wandered over to the stat page, which I usually disregard because it’s way to easy to get wrapped up in the stats page.


I started looking at all these incoming links and thought to myself, “I have no idea who these people are!” So many of you are reading me and I want to know who you are. Why? Because I’ve got some time on my hands and a desire for some good new reads. Lay it on me, people. Leave me a comment with a link to your blog and what it’s about. It’s my goal to check out each and every one of you and to prove it, I’ll leave you a (relevant — not lame!) comment back. I’m all about the blog love and I know there’s some fabulous writing going out thereΒ that I’m missing out on.

So please, share your space with me. I am SO excited to read you!