My fridge…


Um…I need to go food shopping. I realized this last night when the only thing to make for dinner was Busy Night Burritos (fantastic and easy, I’ll post the recipe sometime). What’s left? Soy milk, orange juice, yogurt (we eat a lot of yogurt), salsa, whole grain English Muffins, a piece of defrosted chicken, pita bread, soda that we only drink when we have pizza, two cartons of eggs (although, the one of the left only has one egg in it), lots of veggies and one apple. That big pan has one small slice of lasagna left. I could have put it in tupperware, but I was lazy.

So yeah, shopping. Because we can’t eat condiments.

My closet…


Or, a piece of it. What you can’t see is that over to the right, our old mattress is leaning against the wall waiting to be picked up tomorrow. So I can’t really open the closet too far. What you can see is a portion of my shoe collection (many are unseen in the closet, a few are tossed around the house), hot rollers…and that’s about it. Behind the closet door is a wedding gift — a set of luggage — that is so big I could stuff myself in it. It’s also so big, we have no place to store it.

My purse…


A purple umbrella (leftover from the wedding), my phone, sunglasses, a clutch (I can’t really explain having a purse within a purse, except that sometimes I grab the small one if I’m running errands that require not having a huge bag slung over my shoulder.), a pretty mirror with my initials on it, a tea bag (um…in case I get thirsty and have some spare hot water? What?), a Crest Whitestrip, checkbook, a menu from a cute breakfast place, a necklace, three different lipglosses, a gym headband and hair tie, tissues with puppy prints on them and my wallet.

I spared you the reciepts, random envelopes, three tampons and gum wrappers. You’re welcome.