Two months unemployed and I’m beginning to think that maybe high schools should teach a class called Do Not Major In This If You Want Job Security.

If they did, I would tell my 18-year old self to take it and listen carefully, because oh, you silly girl. You like to write? Think Journalism is a great major? HA! You can throw that one in the same category as Art History for degrees that are potentially useless.

What I’ve found in this mighty job search of mine is there are two fields that had I had the foresight, I would have thought to major in: medicine and computer technology. There’s a lot of jobs falling into those to categories right now. There’s just one problem (aside from the obvious fact that I hold a degree in Journalism); while computers is something I could have done, medicine? Um…well…

– I once cut my finger taking a razor out of an overnight bag. It didn’t hurt, but it was bleeding pretty badly, so I turned the sink on and started running it under water. The next thing I knew, I was waking up on the floor of the bathroom. My friend, who witnessed the whole thing, said I went down like a sand bag, just barely missing hitting my head on the tub.

– I have to lie down to have blood drawn. I found this out by waking up confused in a doctor’s office. I was also banned from donating blood in high school after I passed out from the finger prick they use to test for anemia.

– Over dinner with our friends S and her husband D, we listened to D tell a story of cracking open his skull. He told it with humor and we were all laughing, until…I wasn’t laughing anymore. I was dizzy and hot and nauseous and had to make D cut his story short because one more word and I was going out like a light. Just from hearing his story.

– Last night I discovered that Kodiak still had a staple in his knee from the surgery. A call to the doctor had me crouched on the floor, yanking at the thing with tweezers. It was a little stuck, and as I pulled and pulled I felt that familiar feeling coming on.

Michael had to take over.

So maybe it’s a good thing I majored in Journalism after all. I think.