Michael told me that lately I have permanent sleepy face.

This doesn’t surprise me one bit. I haven’t worn makeup in days, I’ve taken a nap around three o’clock almost every day this week and the highlight of every day is seeing what Ina Garten is cooking at 1:30.

I’m still doing stuff — errands, job searching, job searching, job searching, cleaning, cooking, job searching…but the boredom still remains victorious. Hence, sleepy face.

Sleepy face isn’t cute. So I made a list today and my goal is to check off every single item. The plan is this will keep me busy until Michael gets home from work, then I’ll insist we get out of this house, even if it’s just for a chai and a drive by the ocean so I can toss the sleepy face into the sea.

I might still take a nap, though.