Years ago I met up with a friend of mine and drooled over her fabulous blue bag. It was slouchy and a good size and the perfect shade of blue. I never even knew I wanted a blue bag until I saw it. But as soon as I did, my fate was sealed. She got it at Target of all places, and I was willing to forgo quality just to own that perfect blue bag.

Of course by the time I got to Target, it was gone. Everywhere. I spent weeks searching for the bag online and in stores — from eBay to Craigslist. It was gone. Since then, whenever I come across a selection of blue bags I hope to come across that perfect color again. It has never happened.

Until today.

I found the bag. A bag in the perfect shade of blue with just the right amount of slouchiness and I want it. Oh, how I want it.


But, I’m unemployed. And it’s expensive. And I know I can’t justify the purchase right now so I am hoping and praying that a) I get a job SOON and b) the bag is still available when I do.

Unless of course you’d like to donate to the Perfect Blue Bag Fund, in which case I will gladly accept.

(Did she just writeΒ  a whole post about a purse? I think she did. Wow, she’s cool.)