Last night I took Kodiak out for his post-dinner bathroom break. We have a motion sensor light on our shed, but it doesn’t reach very far, so I always grab a flashlight to avoid stepping on something of the poop variety.

All was going as usual, when suddenly I heard a child screaming at the top of its lungs.


I stopped. Where was it coming from?

“AHHHH!!!! AHHHHH!!!!”

The sound was stopping my heart. I grazed the beam from the flashlight across the woods, but could see nothing. As the screaming continued I wondered, should I call out to them? Ask if they’re ok?


By now, Kodiak was on high alert — hair standing up, deep bark and growl — and he was dragging me towards the woods. Scared by his reaction, I hauled him back into the house.

Back inside, I opened our bathroom window which faces the yard to see if the screaming continued. As I listened, a different sound began.

Footsteps in the brush. Right next to my house.

I slammed the window shut, locked it and grabbed my phone.

Once up there, I realized that I didn’t have any girl intruder armour. You know…something you could use in case of an attack. I know you’ve all looked around your room and thought would you could use in that situation. I’ve done it before. Only this time, the only thing I could find was a desk lamp and a pair of scissors.

So I sat, looking ridiculous I”m sure, in my hallway. Clutching a pair of scissors.

Moments later, two police officers were combing the backyard and surrounding woods and while nothing was discovered, I’m still glad they looked.

Michael’s friend, an outdoorsy guy, thinks that the noise was probably a Fisher Cat, a small weasel-like animal that is known in this area for attacking cats. He said the first time he heard it, he thought it was a child screaming.

You be the judge. This video (just sound) is one man’s recording of one. Hearing it still gives me chills.