Have you ever noticed that a visit home has restorative powers? I’ve been on edge for about, oh, 10 weeks now and was tired of all things Rhode Island. So when the opportunity to go home to New York the same time my sister was appeared, I jumped on it.

The drive is 3.5 hours and while not short, it’s not too long either. It gave me just enough time to clear my head and remember our wedding as I sung along with the CDs the DJ gave us after the wedding.

The weekend was just…so nice. Shopping, chatting and snuggling with my mom, laughing and watching old home movies with my sister, looking at childhood artwork and catching up with my dad.

Though too quick as always, the weekend refreshed and rejuvenated me. My spirit feels renewed and lifted.

I always get a little sad on the way back home, knowing that it will be a least a few months before I see them all again. But as I crossed the roads through New York, Connecticut and finally Rhode Island this morning, I realized I’m lucky to have them all within reach.