Do you remember life before Facebook? I honesty don’t remember how we found out about each other’s lives before. Email? Phone calls? Letter writing???

Everyone and their mother is on Facebook. Literally. My mother is on Facebook. As well as much of my extended family, everyone I went to high school with, college friends, blogging friends, coworkers, hell, even local bars have Facebook pages.

Michael does not have a Facebook page. He gets his gossip through me.

A typical conversation at our house will go something like this:

Me: Your coworker’s wife is going to Florida next week.

Him: How did you know that my coworker’s wife is going to Florida?

Me: She updated her Facebook status.

Him: (rolls eyes. calls me a dork.)

This morning I found out that not only are two people I went to high school with dating, but they’re engaged. I was so surprised and then realized how insane it is that we know all these things about people we don’t even talk to anymore because they changed their online Relationship Status. (Which by the way, that can cause chaos too. A friend accidentally changed hers to “is no longer in a relationship” and caused an uproar among friends and family until she fixed it. Jeesh.)

I wouldn’t call myself a Facebook addict, but I know some who are. I’m probably more of an addict now that I can access it on my phone and update my status multiple timesΒ a day. Usually they’re lame,Β  but I do it anyway. Right now it says, “Molly had an excellent sleep.”

Really. And I call myself a writer.

Are you on Facebook? Are you addicted? Do you get the same excitement I do when you see she is marrying him?????