I thought the Vicodin would be better, I really did. Mostly it just numbs the pain a little — which is good — but means you don’t get a funny drug-fueled post. Sorry.

Sleeping was a nightmare. I’m not used to sleeping on my back and by three a.m. I had to take off the sling and wrist brace to get comfortable enough to sleep a little. Meh.

I can move my arm more today which is really great. I’m hoping to be able to start PT in a few days to get full movement back. My finger is gross. I haven’t taken the splint off yet to shower, but I can see the bruises peeking through.

I have a hair appointment tonight and when my stylist called me yesterday to talk about what I wanted to do, she told me I could cancel if I’m not up for it. Are you kidding? I want someone to wash my hair for me! No way I’m giving up that appointment.

I’m off to attempt my first shower as a gimp and am really hoping I can manage to shave BOTH armpits. Otherwise Michael has a new job to do.