Yesterday we had dinner at my mother-in-law’s house and she had two additional guests over — an older couple who haven’t seen us since our wedding.

The woman walks up to me to say hello, takes one look at me and says, “What did you do to your head?”

“You don’t like it?” I laughed in reference to my red hair.

“Ha. What do you think?” she replied. “Why would you do that to yourself?”

Taking the high road I say, “It was just time for a change.”

She shudders, turns to Michael and says, “How can you stand it?!”

“I love it,” he tells her.

She shakes her head and walks away.

I always knew the older people get the less they care about what they say, but come ON. It’s not like I shaved half of it off, dyed the rest magenta and tattooed Michael’s face on my skull. I’ll have to remember that for next time we see her.