I, like many others, have been feeling the hit of this economy. As you know, I deal every day with unemployment. I notice the rise of prices in the grocery store and I stop and think now before many purchases. Do I need to go to Starbucks today, or do I just want to?

The news each day is disheartening. Story after story of how companies are going down the toilet and the ones we’re bailing out are misusing funds. It’s enough to send even the sunniest person to bed for a week.

Which is why I’ve been loving the stories featuring people helping people in these tough times. I encourage you to check out the NBC Nightly News series Making a Difference.  Here you will find story after story of people across the nation coming together in a way — I think — not seen since 9/11.

One of my personal favorites was simple — shoppers waiting in line at the grocery store found an envelope being passed through the line. In it was $50 and a note saying if you need help today buying your groceries, please use this. If not, pass it on.

As the envelope made it’s way through, not only did people pass it on, but they added to it. I can only imagine how grateful the person who really did need it that day was to unexpectedly have it land in their hands.

I can’t do any grand gestures, but I am challenging myself to find a way this month to offer my own act of kindess to someone who needs it. And I’m challenging you as well. We can all make a difference — no matter how big or small.