Confession: I am psyched for the Jon & Kate Plus 8 season finale tonight.

I don’t know what it is about this show. I mean, I can’t watch the Duggers (except for their son’s wedding because…wow), and I don’t have much of an interest in that new one TLC is promoting, Table for 86 or whatever.

But Jon & Kate…I’m hooked.

I think their kids are the cutest things since marshmallow Peeps and I just want to eat the up. Not eat them up like Peeps, though. I don’t like Peeps.

I enjoy the banter between J & K and while I agree that sometimes I think she’s a humungo bitch to him, I think you can tell they still love each other. I’m hoping that the recent rumours in the tabloids that Jon is cheating are lies and that the big drama that the producers are obviously pushing in the finale preview is not a divorce.

Because if Jon & Kate get a divorce I will just die. Die down dead and be sad for those munchable eight children.

Well, maybe not the girl that has crazy mood swings all the time, but the other seven.