So I have this reader that makes me laugh. Her comments — all insults — are so ridiculous that I actually laugh out loud when I read them. The most recent one was great and while she seems to be running out of steam with particular things to make fun of me about (my ugly hair, lack of taste andย “cheap” shoes have appeared in her last two at least), I know she will come up with something else to throw at me.

Actually, she’s probably dancing in her seat to see me acknowledging her here.

Why? Because what I’ve found about these Internet trolls is that the more you acknowledge them, the more they thrive.

Unfortunately for her (and anyone else who feels like slinging insults my way) is that this is my blog. So if I don’t like you, I don’t have to invite you in.

It just doesn’t make sense to me. Sure, I read blogs that I don’t agree with. And if I feel passionately, I leave a well thought out comment that states as much, but politely. It would never occur to me to make fun of someone or talk smack about a stranger just because I don’t agree with what they said. And if you’re so closed minded that you can’t even read something you don’t agree with, then I think you’re too closed minded to be here anyway.

Let me be clear — if you disagree with me, I’m not going to delete your comment. Not at all. But I don’t invite jerks who call me low class and uglyย into my home and I won’t invite them to leave comments here. Those comments have been, and will continue to be deleted and blocked.ย If you are a person who gets off on being an ass, leaving petty and rude comments, I have a suggestion for you. Get your own blog. Then open up the comments. It will be fun.

The best part about my Assface Commentor and others like her? They never use real email addresses or link to a blog. So on top of being ridiculous, they’re cowards.

Have you guys experienced this? What’s your solution? I know Dooce says she likes to print out the best of the best and drive over them with her car. I was posting the Comment of the Day so you could all read how stupid these people are, but then I have to read it again and who wants that?

I guess the solution is just keep deleting. And hoping that karma really does come around.