I’m trying to time my gym visit perfectly so that I miss the early morning rush, but don’t get stuck watching the third hour of the Today Show.

The third hour of the Today Show should be put to death. (Although, I’m watching hour 2 right now and they’re doing Dog Makeovers. Maybe hour 2 should be put to death as well.)

Unfortunately, the TVs at my gym are always tuned to the same thing: NBC, CNN, three sports networks, and whatever that channel is called where the stocks scroll on the bottom the whole day.  I’m not really into sports or stocks and while I like CNN, after a half hour they start the stories over again. So I usually position myself near the NBC TV and hope for the best.

Occasionally on Saturday, the TV at the very end will be tuned to VH1, but I think that’s because the girl who works the desk likes to catch up on For the Love of Brett Michael’s Tough Money 4.

I am completely envious of the people who can actually read a book while they exercise. How do you do it? I can hardly do more than look at the pictures in a magazine while I’m running. I bounce too much!

By my calculations, I have another 25 minutes before the morning crew is gone. There’s a guy there who cheers himself on. “Come on! You can do it!” It’s very distracting and he likes to wink at me when he’s done.

I pretend I’m too busy watching the Today Show to notice.