Because my husband wanted to go, I accompanied him on a trip to Boater’s World to check out their going out of business sale.

In a room full of ropes and life vests and various boating accessories, I stayed true to myself and like a moth to a flame, found the one cute thing in the entire store.

Shoes. On sale. Twenty percent off.

Who knew boating could be so nautical chic?

In the end, I didn’t buy the shoes, but wore them around for about 20 minutes solely (HA) because there was a woman hovering around me grabbing every shoe the minute I put it down. I guess she was worried I’d take them all. Here’s my shoe sale shopping advice for you: when there’s one pair left in your size and you’re just not sure if you want them yet, carry (or wear!) them around with you until you decide.

Shoes sale shopping is no time to share.