…Physical therapy. I am crossing my fingers today is my last appointment. Last week they forgot about me and I had to take the electrode things off myself.

…Rain. Luckily, the sky is blue today, but I’m pretty sure it’s coming back this week and gah it’s so wet and gross. (Although, I bought a cute pair of wellies this weekend, so at least there’s that.)

…The CVS cashier that yelled at me. Story: I found a $5 extra bucks coupon that expired in February, but figured I’d try to use it anyway. In the past, the cashiers usually just override the date and use the coupon and I wasn’t trying to scam them or anything. The date was written in big letters and I figured worst case scenario, they’d just tell me I couldn’t use it.

I put down my items (tampons, hand soap) and placed my CVS card and coupon right on top. When she tried to scan the coupon, the machine rejected it. As I said, it was expired. So doing what I’ve seen done every other time, the woman punched it in manually and subtracted $5 from my total.

As she was bagging my items she looks at me and says, “You know, I could get fired for that.”

I was busy digging around in my wallet so I looked up confused. Fired for what? Bagging tampons?

“Excuse me?”

“I could get FIRED for ringing up your coupon. It was expired, you know. I’m not supposed to do that.”

What was I supposed to say to this woman? I figured keeping it short and sweet was the best way to end the conversation quickly.

“Oh, well thank you for pushing it through. I appreciate it.”

“They have an expiration date, you know, like, for a reason. And we’re only supposed to override it for a month after the date and this one is a month and three days past the expiration.”

She’s had finished bagging and was now holding my items just out of my reach, like she wasn’t going to give them to me until I acknowledged the good deed she had done for me.

“Uh huh. Well like I said, I appreciate it,”  I said, handing her a twenty, willing her to take it and let me pay and get out of there already.

Now look, I get it. I wasn’t supposed to use the coupon. But was this lecture really necessary? I mean, she had to look at the coupon to manually override it and see the date and make the calculation in her head that I was a whole THREE DAYS past her window for doing the override. If she was so worried about getting fired, all she had to do was say, I’m sorry, this coupon is expired and that would have been that.

As she handed me my change and my receipt, she commented that I had some coupons printed and I swear to you if she had said anything about paying attention to the date I would have jumped across the counter and pummeled her one by one with cinnamon Tick Tacks.

Phew, that felt good. Go ahead, let it out. What are you over?