This weekend, two girlfriends and I went out. The place got crowded quickly and we were lucky to find three seat together with a perfect view of the large rectangular bar.

Before long, we noticed we were being checked out. On first look, the guy — while physically not appealing to any of us — seemed rather harmless. He appeared to be alone (which by the way, always kind of sketches me out. Guys that come to bars alone and stare at women. Eh.), had long, messy hair and was wearingย a red skull cap.

We dubbed him “Red Beanie”.

As the night progressed, Red Beanie would change location, always staring us down. First he was to our left, then slowly, he worked his way clockwise around the bar. It was like a Where’s Waldo of creepy bar patrons — “He’s in the corner. Now he’s on our right!” — until a few hours later at nearly the end of the night, he arrived beside us.

“How are you ladies doing tonight?” he asked my friend V. I had turned to my left towards my other friend J in a silent laugh…one that meant, “wow, Red Beanie actually came over here,” when I heard V respond.

“We don’t want to talk to you,” she said deadpan.

“Why not?” he replied.

(Me and J — dying. Did she really just say that?)

“Because we don’t.”

Red Beanie turned his back to her and we looked at her with shock and awe. She had actually said the exact thing we’d all been thinking (and have thought many times in the past), but never said. We were chattering like birds about it until an empty beer glass was slammed down in front of my face.

We turned to see Red Beanie storming out of the bar.

Clearly, his feelings were hurt. He was shot down badly. But did his creepy behavior justify it? Was V just doing him a favor — a clear cut We’re Just Not That Into You?

None of us can decide. So we want you to.

Honest, or mean?

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